Monday, December 13, 2010

Cheesy in BGeezy's favorite underrated pizzerias

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Local bowling alleys provide quality pizza for affordable price

With winter time approaching, more people are finding ways to entertain themselves indoors. Bowling Green resident, Samuel Jenkins, likes to spend time at Varsity Lanes bowling alley to ease some of the winter time blues.

"It's a laid back place," Jenkins said. "I like to bowl, drink and eat pizza. Varsity Lanes is the perfect spot for me to unwind after a hard days work."

Located at 1033 South Main Street, Varsity Lanes has been owned and operated by Gary Richardson since 1962. He said Varsity Lanes was a roller rink before his father, Gary Senior, decided to invest in a new proposition.

"The older folks in town always knew this place as "Skate World," but when my dad turned it into a bowling alley, we got a better response,"Richardson said. "Add pizza and beer to the mix and you got a guaranteed good time."

Varsity Lanes gets it's pizza from a company in Tampa, Florida called Perky's Pizza. Perky's supplies frozen pizza to establishments all over the world. Varsity Lanes orders 10 cases of frozen dough a week to keep up with demands.

"We've always used Perky's Pizza and for the most part, it seems like the people really like it," Richardson said. "We order the thick crust, the basic cheese, pepperoni and supreme."

Varsity Lanes uses a pizza rotisserie to ensure quality freshness. The slow cooking time gives the pizza a blend of salty and sweetness.

"I eat the pizza on Wednesday because they got a good special," Jenkins said. "You get a medium cheese and a 12oz beer for $5."

Varsity Lanes retro atmosphere gives the bowling alley a 1950's feel. The checkered floor and milk shake machine gives the establishment a charming appearance.

"Simplicity is best," Richardson said. "We've been doing things the same since my dad owned the place. We got to keep up with the competition across town."

Located at 1010 North Main Street, Al Mar Lanes has been a Bowling Green venue since 1978. Equipped with a full bar and and arcade room, the fluorescent colors at Al Mar give the bowling alley a more modern feel.

"The owner really likes to redecorate,"said Nate Henschen, manager of Al Mar. "We try to use lights and neon colors to give the lanes a youthful feel."

With a full service walk-up diner, Al Mar also carries Pisanello's Pizza, another Bowling Green pizzeria. With prices ranging from $3.25 to $14.99, Al Mar cooks the pre-made pizza in a cast iron stove, giving the thin crust a light, crispy taste. Unfortunately, Al Mar's topping options are limited to only cheese or pepperoni.

"We would like to incorporate different topping options, but we want to support another Bowling Green business," Henschen said. "That's why we order our pizza from Pisanello's, for the good of the community."

Both Varsity Lanes and Al Mar carry birthday party specials. Members of the birthday club receive a free piece of pizza for everyone at the party. For other weekly specials, grab a slice of pie at Al Mar or Varsity Lanes.

Varsity Lanes, Al Mar bowls over pizza competitors

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pisanello's Pizza offers best specialty pizza in Bowling Green

Pisanello's pizza offers great specialty pizza.
Located at 203 North Main Street, Pisanello's Pizza has been operating for more than 45 years. Their menu carries all the pizza/pub essentials; including wings, pasta, beer, breadsticks and gourmet speciality pizza's.

My personal favorite is their delicious spinach, alfredo and chicken pizza. This cheese and garlic blend of fresh greens and moist chicken is sure to satisfy any pizza lovers taste. The recipe was created by accident after owner, Jim Anderson, wanted to give Pisanello's an upper hand to the competition.

"I knew a lot of students really liked our actual fettucini alfredo pasta," Anderson said. "So I decided to make it a pizza and add spinach. Within a week, it was our most popular selling pizza."

In my opinion, Pisanello's has the best crust in town and has the best variety of pizza. According to their website, Pisanello's has been voted Bowling Green's best pizzeria since 1992. Other great specialty pizza's Pisanello's offers is the chicken, bacon and ranch.

"It's a nice combination of crispy bacon bits and homemade ranch sauce," Anderson said. "The only difference is, we season the chicken on the bacon and ranch pizza. We also add tomato, onion and a mix of mexican cheese. It's pretty well liked item."

If you're craving a psychedelic atmosphere and a variety of awesome dishes, try Pisanello's pizza and you will surely be amazed.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Myle's taco pizza should stay foreign

Myle's pizza is one of the most popular food establishments in Bowling Green. It currently leads our favorite pizza poll with nearly double the amount that the runner up has. It is a unique thick pizza which makes it stand out from other, flatter pizzas in the area.

In fact, I would say that Myle's pizza is my favorite. The pepperoni pizza just mixes perfectly with Myle's famous red sauce. Feeling bold a few nights ago, I decided to branch away from my regular pepperoni and go for southern (really southern) taste.

I am a fan of taco pizzas, they can be some of the most delicious meals if done right. Campus Pollyeyes, who usually is renowned for their breadsticks and not their pizza, has an awesome taco pizza. Myle's taco pizza, however, does even come close to being able to compete.

The ingredients on Myle's pizza are fine and dandy. As with most pizzas from the restaurant, it is a thick pizza. The cheese, lettuce, and meat are all great. The issue is the sauce.

Instead of something a little more Taco tasting, the pizza still has Myle's signature red sauce, a distinctly Italian tasting sauce. The red sauce just does not mix properly with the lettuce or ground beef. It comes off tasting like it never quite made it across the border to Mexico. In fact, the taste got so lost, it ended up on a completely different continent.

My suggestion for those looking for a Taco pizza? Walk the extra block past Myles' and go to Campus Pollyeyes. It'll treat you much better.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Founders Chef teaches pizza preparation

Ever wondered how the pizzas are created at Founders Keepers Dining Court? Cheesy in BGeezy co-creator Jessica James met up with Founders Chef Brett Northcutt to learn just what it takes to craft a Keepers pizza pie. Check it out.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Families celebrate alternative Thanksgiving with pizza and breadsticks

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, mashed potatos and gravy. But for others like the Hernandez family, Thanksgiving is a about pizza and breadsticks.It's an interesting take on a mexican/americans Thanksgiving tradition. Maria Hernandez was a student in my English class Freshman year. I remember her sharing her unique Thanksgiving experience with our class. I caught up with Hernandez last week and asked her a few questions about what Thanksgiving means to her.

Q: How long has your family been having pizza for Thanksgiving dinner?
A: For as long as I can remember. I think my parents never wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving, mainly because my Dad used to say how much he hated turkey. Pizza just sounded like a good choice.

Q: When does your family celebrate?
A: Thankgiving afternoon. We stuff our face with pizza, breadsticks and soda and then we eat chocolate cake and take a nap. We rent movies to and be lazy all day.

Q: Do you know why your family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving?
A: I'm guessing it has something to do with my heritage. I don't think a lot of latinos celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico, so it just carried on through my parents and their past holiday traditions.

Q:What kind of pizza do you eat? Thin, crispy, deep dish? From where?
A: We usually order Pizza Hut because they're open and we get the dip dish crust. I'am a fan of their supreme and breadsticks. I don't skip on how much food I eat. I usually down at least four slices, three glasses of pop and two breadsticks.

Q: Does everyone from your family come over? Does this style of Thanksgiving take away from the meaning of the holiday.
A: Yes, it is a pretty big pizzariffic time. My aunts, uncles, cousins. It is just like another family gathering, but a little differnt. Even though my family doesn't eat the same food as a lot of people do, I still think about the holiday as a time for sharing and being together with the people I love. I like our family's Thanksgving tradition. It makes us special in a way. And I get an excuse to eat mass amounts of pizza once every year.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pollyeye's Boycott Bandwagon

As you can read below in the post from the BG News, Pagliai's Pizza and Campus Pollyeyes experienced a boycott (via Facebook) following a sign posted opposing the ordinances. As you can also read, the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and the owners did not approve the sign's posting or even have a political stance on the issue.

The boycott was an interesting example of the effect of Facebook. People likely were invited to this group, read the page and then joined the "boycott" without ever seeking out the other side of the story. Despite an article in the BG News, as well as posts from the owner on the Facebook site, 352 people “like” the boycott page on Facebook and a wall post from November 12, stating “That's too bad, I love their food,” shows that some people are still unaware that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

How much money has this local business lost due to this misunderstanding? The power of Facebook compelled at least 352 people to pledge to avoid Pollyeyes without any real evidence besides a posted sign, long removed by the time most of the members joined.

The thing I find most interesting is that 352 people (mostly students) jumped on the boycott bandwagon, but the combined total voters for the two on campus precincts was only 654, less than double the amount of boycotters.

The point being that while 352 people were ready to speak out against Polleye's “discrimination,” those same people likely did not even show up at the polls to vote on the ordinances.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A map of Bowling Green pizza places

Here is a list of the pizza places available in Bowling Green. Each location offers a unique pizza, with quality ranging from awful to delicious. So if you are in the mood for pizza, but not for your usual, pick a location at random and enjoy (or not.)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The ballad of a bosco stick

Don't worry there won't be any actual singing. Or rhyming. Instead, we will use this time to discuss bosco sticks. While not strictly pizza, bosco sticks are part of the pizza family. If there were a family reunion, bosco sticks would be invited, though it is probably still legal in most states for pizza and bosco sticks to wed.

That isn't the point, friends. The point is that bosco sticks are delicious. The bosco, or stuffed breadstick, was invented some time ago. The Bosco Pizza Company claims it created it in 1988. In my mind, boscos have been around since dinosaurs. The T-rex returned home from a hard days hunt and broke out a bosco. The triceratops, which technically didn't exist according to meddling scientists, enjoyed a bosco stuffed with leaves.

I diverge from my point yet again. Bowling Green, which did not exist when Dinosaurs did, has a variety of bosco choices. Myles Pizza, the ever popular pizza venue, has some super delicious cheese and pepperoni stuffed breadsticks. These sticks, which come in a pack of six for around $5, got perfect with some dipping sauce. The sticks are often gooey enough to be delicious, but not gooey to the point of being uncooked. There is just the right amount of gooey. Gooey.

The other main option is the place known for its breadsticks, Campus Pollyeyes. Campus Pollyeyes, in an act of one-up-manship I'm sure, has a ton of options for objects to stuff in to your breadsticks. I once ordered a breadstick full of broken glass and mustard, and they delivered. (Editor's note: This is not true at all, Campus Pollyeyes will not put hazardous materials in your food.) The chicken breadsticks are to die for, which you might actually do if you try to conquer a full order. (Editor's note: Not actually likely.) A full order of the sticks will cost you though, as a full order of cheese costs $11 with chicken or roast beef running close to $15. (Editor's note: Editor's notes are fun. Also, they are $14.25 exactly.) (Editor's note: Plus tax.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BGSU Dining Services part 2: Founders and Macateria

Bowling Green State University
Last week, I ventured to two of the four dining options offered on the BGSU campus and rated their pizza.. My next post will profile the pizza made by the Macateria and Founders Keepers Food Court.

As a two year employee of Founders, I’ve eaten my fair share of their pizza. In the years past, our pizza was made from processed dough and Hunt’s tomato sauce. With a new head chef and a dining service make over, Founders now has a new tasty piece of pie that will surely satisfy any taste.
This semester Founders head chef, Bret Richards, has decided to start from scratch and conduct a home made dough and sauce.

“After a lot of experimenting, I decided to try different recipes for our pizza,” Richards said. “We started with a tomato puree and fresh basil and garlic to add a more spicy taste than sweet. In the process, I made several different pizzas with different kinds of sauces to see what one students liked best. When we finally decided on one, I wanted to make an equally good dough to compliment the taste."

Founders dough is a thick and soft style crust cooked on a lower temperature. Richards said the low, slower cooking time helps the crust rise and makes for a more deep dish style pizza. A coating of garlic butter is added to the crust before every pizza is cooked.

“I probably make over 60 pizza's a day,” said Colleen Hermes, classified staff member at Founders. “We try to make every pizza the best we can. Chef Bret has measured out the ingredients and toppings so the pizza never changes taste wise.”

Along with a great sauce and crust, Founders also has the most unique flavors of pizza offered on campus. Chicken bacon ranch, buffalo chicken wing, Philly cheese steak and chili dog are all amongst some of their fabulous toppings.

Macateria located in Macdonald residence hall on the west side of campus. It is one of the oldest residence halls on campus and is a good reflection of their pizza. Occupying more than 600 students, Macdonald is the most traditional of all the dinning services. Their menu pretty much stays the same throughout the week and so does their pizza. Even though their pizza isn’t made from scratch, their product is pretty tasty compared to the Falcon’s Nest.

Their sauce is sweeter with a hint of sugar that gives the pizza a slight ketchup taste. You can tell they use canned sauce and processed dough. Corn meal covers the bottom of their crust and gives it a gritty taste. The cheese and toppings are of a low quality and the cheese they use is more than likely grade D. In my opinion I think grade D is a pretty fair estimate for Macateria pizza. The students agree.

“I never want to eat a piece of pizza from Macdonald’s ever again,” said Ciara Eddings, former resident of Macdonald. “They never change any of their toppings and the cheese is terrible tasting. Only time I eat it when there is nothing else better. It’s definitely the worst pizza on campus.”

So there you have it folks. A two part series profiling the pizza on BGSU’s campus. Hopefully with new dining facilities being built, the recipe for the university’s pizza will improve. Until then, take this with you: Enjoy the Sun Dial’s and Founders pizza, it’s the best on campus. For a crispy, thinner piece try The Dial. For deep dish style go to Founders. For a piece of garbage go to the Falcon’s Nest or Macateria. Use what I have told you wisely. And remember, stay cheesy Bowling Green.

Students, community members boycott Pagliai's Pizza

Pagliai's Pizza located on 945 South Main Street,
Bowling Green, Ohio
The BG News November 2, 2010

By Brian Bohnert

A local business is the subject of a Facebook movement for a boycott due to allegations that the business has taken a strong stance against a set of antidiscrimination ordinances that are on the ballot for the Tuesday's election.

Pagliai's Pizza is being accused by the Facebook group known as "Boycott Pagliai's (Pollyeyes) Pizza" of placing a sign outside of the establishment that urges people to vote "No" on Propositions 7905 and 7906. The ordinances are designed to grant protection against discrimination in housing, public education, employment and public accommodations to groups not already protected at a state or national level. These ordinances, if passed, will prevent discrimination based on factors such as gender, sexual preferences, pregnancy, veteran status, marital status, gender identity and being HIV positive.

"The ordinances publicly affirm our city as a welcoming community that stands behind the rights of individuals, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, to work, live, go to school, raise a family, start a business and put down roots without fear of discrimination," according to the ONE Bowling Green website. ONE Bowling Green is a grassroots organization set up by members of the community to back the ordinances.

"Boycott Pagliai's" currently has 310 members who are concerned with ending the discrimination that the restaurant is accused of promoting. One member is University sophomore Cherno Biko.

"I was invited to the page fairly late in the game," he said. "It was created on Tuesday, and I began commenting on Friday morning."

Being concerned, Biko said he called Campus Pollyeyes, a pizzeria under the same ownership as Pagliai's Pizza. He spoke with someone to gather more information as to whether or not the business had a specific stance on the two anti-discrimination ordinances. The answer Biko said he received was extremely surprising and unnerving to him.

"[The employee] explained to me that he thinks that there are enough laws on the books and that he did not support the anti-discrimination ordinances," Biko said. "After that moment, I became personally invested in the boycott."

Biko also mentioned this was a hard decision for him to make because he has always been a fan of Pollyeyes.

"As a former patron of that restaurant, it was saddening to realize that I would never again eat one of their famous stuffed breadsticks," Biko said.

The issues on the ballot are important to Biko, and he feels if a business is standing strongly against these ordinances, than it is hurting the community and the world in the long run.

"This is a problem," he said. "People who oppose these ordinances are sending the message that I am not worth protecting, that only my blackness should be protected, not my sexual orientation or my gender."

However, management of the local pizzeria had a much different story. Acting president of Pagliai's Pizza, Scott Nicholson, said this was all a misunderstanding and the placing of the political sign was an action carried out by one single employee. Since then, the business received an abundance of negative feedback from it, he said.

"It was done by one individual that took the liberty upon himself to put that sign out there," Nicholson said. "We do not take a political stance on these issues, and we under no means discriminate."

The sign was placed outside while Nicholson and his wife were on vacation, he said. Once he found out the sign was there, he immediately ordered that it be taken down.

"We actually received a call from a good friend of ours about the sign and once I got the call, I made some calls and had it taken down immediately," Nicholson said.

He said that the business has been serving the community of Bowling Green for more than 40 years, and it has made a point of treating everyone fairly and equally.

Nicholson, assuming ONE BG was behind the boycott, wrote a letter to the coalition, explaining the placing of the sign was simply a misunderstanding.

However, ONE BG was not apart of the effort, Nicholson said.

The creator of the Facebook page still remains a mystery, Biko said.

The boycott may or may not have any long-term influence on Pagliai's business, but Biko knows for sure he will be voting for a cause that is important for him and his community. This is much bigger than just a movement against a pizza place, he said.

"I am glad that we can learn from our past," he said. "I am glad that the road to justice was already paved, and I am glad that my community bravely chose to walk that road."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

World's Greatest Pizza Twirler

At a Little Caesars promo, acrobats from all over the country competed for the title of best pizza twirler. More than 1000 people came together to show off their skills. The event was held in Lansing, Michigan, home of Little Caesars owners, Mike and Marian Ilitch. Winners received a lifetime supply of Little Caesars pizza and $10,000. I think it's fair to say this guys got dough.

BGSU Dining Services offers a Mix of Good and Bad Pizza

On the search for quality pizza, Jason and I decided to take the mission internally. We will be narrowing down the best pizza offered on the BGSU campus. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BGSU's Dining Services, the campus is divided up into four main resident halls with a cafeteria in each facility. Amongst them are; Founders Keepers Food Court, The Sun Dial, The Falcon's Nest and Macateria. While all them offer a variety of food options, one item is always on the menu, pizza.

Each individual dining hall carries a head chef responsible for the recipe of their pizza. During my freshman year, I was lucky enough to have over $1,200 of meal plan money. This means I could eat anywhere on campus and try everything each dining facility had to offer.

At "The Sun Dial" I was able to enjoy a delicious slice of pie that was thin and crispy. Their sauce was of a sweet but peppery blend of herbs and spices. For me, this by far is the best and freshest pizza on campus.

"We serve over 2,000 people a day so we definitely have to keep up on the pizza supply," said Chad Carper, classified manager at The Sun Dial. "Unlike several other dining facilities on campus, our pizza is made from homemade sauce and cooked in a cast iron oven. It gives the crust a lighter but flakier taste many students enjoy."

And students do favor the Sun Dials pizzas. Their pie has become so popular that in 2005 The Sun Dial started taking delivery orders. You may have seen the small electric cars zooming around campus and delivering pizza to all BGSU dorms.

Other dining services such as The Falcon's Nest do not use homemade crust and sauce. Hence Jason and I have crowned The Falcon's nest the worst pizza on campus. The sauce is from a can and taste similar to cafeteria frozen pizza. They also sell their leftover pizza for half price the next day. The Falcon's Nest is over priced and overrated. Try going to other dining facilities for a real piece of pie. It will serve you good.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Papa John's specialty pizza presents tasty alternative

In a town populated with local pizza parlors, Papa John's offers reasonable prices and unique specialties.

Papa John's, founded in 1984 by John Schnatter and originally operated out of a broom closet in Schnatter's fathers tavern, owns franchises in more than 3,100 restaurants in 50 states and 29 countries, according to its website,

According to the site, Schnatter created the business because he felt that "a superior-quality traditional pizza delivered right to the customer's door" was missing from most national chains.
Bowling Green's franchise maintains this mission by offering pizza with seemingly high quality that is competitively priced compared to most of the local pizza slingers.

BG's Papa John's also offers unique deals, such as the free dessert with purchase of any large or extra large pizza. It also often has $10 large pizzas specials.

My current addiction is to the Hawaiian Barbeque Chicken specialty pizza at Papa John's. This delightful pineapple, barbeque sauce and chicken pizza is a tasty alternative to the typical pizza sauce drenched pies.

If you are looking to step outside your normal pizza, the Hawaiian Barbeque Chicken from Papa Johns is highly recommended. Though the Hawaiian Barbeque Chicken is a bit pricier than the regular larges, it is certainly worth the money. With the dessert combo, you can pick up a large and a cinnapie, icing covered cinnamon breadsticks, for around 15 bucks, a substantial amount of food for the price.

When I'm not in the mood for a saucy slice of Myles, Papa Johns is often my go to choice.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marco's pizza delivers inexpensive pizzas

One of the things I've learned as a college student is that I and most of the people I know can be pretty lazy. If I am in the mood for pizza, I will order it for delivery even if it would save me money to pick it up. Little Caesars offers a cheap pizza, but the downside is that you have to actually go get it. That is where Marco's Pizza comes in. It offers a similarly priced (and quality) pizza as Little Caesars but with the option for delivery.

So when I want to save money on pizza, but I also don't want to drive anywhere, I turn to Marco's. It is slightly more expensive than Little Caesar's but still significantly cheaper than a large pizza at any other place in town. A large one topping pizza at Marco's only costs $5.99.

Marco's also gets my appreciation because an employee there was very helpful when we were taking photos for the slideshow. All of the other pizza places were very hesitant about letting us take photos inside their stores. The manager at Little Caesar's actually told me that I couldn't take any photos because they didn't want their trade secrets leaking to their competition.

When I went to Marco's, not only did the employee want to help, she actually invited me behind the counter to take photos while she made a pizza. Here are some extra photos from Marco's, which did not make it in to the slideshow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pizza delivery woes

Have you ever ordered a pizza and when you opened the box, you found that the cheese had slid off the pizza to one side of the box? This happens a lot when I order from Myles. I always think that perhaps the driver was engaged in some sort of action movie chase scene with an attack helicopter firing rapidly at the driver, but after seeing this video, I am going to be a bit more skeptical when my pizza arrives mangled.

The video is labeled "pizza delivery fail," but in the eyes of the delivery guy, this is more like a "pizza delivery win." The speed at which the guy picks up the pizza from the ground and puts it back in the box is uncanny. I also love that he puts it back in the hot bag and acts all cool while waiting for the resident to come to the door. He doesn't just pick it up and leave the box out, he actually puts it back in the hot bag. That is just perfect to me, clearly he couldn't have dropped it on the ground, he hasn't even taken it out of the bag.

The ground there doesn't look all that clean, I'm curious how much dirt and gravel was left on that pizza when he scooped it up. He didn't have time to pick anything off, so likely the resident would have had some visible gunk.

The whole thing leaves me wondering how often this has happened to this delivery guy, because his recovery was nearly flawless. Do they teach that skill during delivery driving training?

I would like to see a followup to this showing the reaction of the resident as he or she watches what happened to the pizza. Someone get on that please.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Domino's pizza as bad as old Domino's pizza

If you have been out of the pizza loop, you may not have realized that Domino's pizza reinvented their pizza by changing the ingredients. This move, which happened in December of 2009, changed the crust, the cheese and the sauce. In an article on, Domino's marketing chief Russell Weiner stated that the change was made because "[Domino's wasn't] winning against everyone on taste."

I have to agree with that statement. Old Domino's was the bottom of the pizza barrel, but how do the new ingredients fare?

For the sake of honest it is important to point out that of the major chains, Domino's has been my least favorite for as long as I can remember. I hadn't even had the urge to try their new pizza in the year that is has been out. Motivated by this blog, I decided it was time to give the company another chance.

I picked up a medium, hand-tossed pepperoni pizza with the hope of being amazed, but I ended up just being disappointed. The new ingredients might be different, but different doesn't mean good. The crust was less like cardboard, but the sauce and the cheese were a new kind of bland. The new garlic crust felt slimy, giving the whole pizza a very cheap feel.

All in all, Domino's new pizza just doesn't work. It might be improvement, but the scale is only moving from god-awful to just awful. I'd much rather drop $5 at Little Caesar's than the $8.99 I spent on Domino's.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dunk! Dip! Douse! What's your favorite dipping sauce?

In 1991, a Papa John's executive chef wanted to come up with a new and tasty side-kick for pizza. He started with garlic, threw in some parmesan cheese and what he got was Papa John's garlic dipping sauce. A lot of people are unsure if Papa John's was the inventor of garlic butter, but there's no doubt it's a tasty complement. Other pizza franchises are jumping on the bandwagon coming up with new and unique dipping sauce flavors. I went to Little Caesars on North Main St. to check out their sauce selections. What I found, is an incredible display of 15 different flavors. From buffalo ranch to sweet-honey BBQ, Little Caesars had their sauce selection up to par. I also noticed small bags of seasoning that could be purchased for .59 and came with a free coupon for a sauce. Pizza by itself is tasty, however there is nothing wrong with trying to take it up a notch. After all, what would vanilla ice cream be without chocolate syrup? Milk without cereal? You never know until you try something new!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bowling Green's Pizza Parlors

We decided to take some photos of pizza places around Bowling Green. Below you will find shots from all of the major pizza place's exteriors and a few shots from the places which actually allowed us to take pictures inside. You would be surprised how many restaurants were uncomfortable with allowing photos. Anyway, enjoy a look at the world of pizza in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Best bang for your buck in BG? Little Caesars Pizza!

Here ye here ye all my fellow broke college students! Looking for a tasty piece of pie that won't milk you dry? Then you need to hit up Little Caesars Pizza located at 1068 N Main St.

Though a nationwide pizza franchise, Little Caesars Pizza was the brainchild of brothers Mike and Marian Ilitch. First opened in 1959, Little Caesars started in Garden City Michigan as a small local pizzeria. To this day, it's still a family-owned and operated business.

"The Little Caesars in Bowling Green opened last year and since then, profits have been through the roof," said BG Little Caesars manager, Ken Richman. "I knew it (Little Caesars) was going to be big here. With the college kids and the number of families, how couldn't it be?"

Take notice of the caption title, "Best bang for your buck." While the product quality (corn meal and canned sauce) is of very low-grade, the pizza is average. But what does set Little Caesars apart from the competition, is their fantastic Crazy Bread. Soft, warm and covered in garlic butter, nothing says cheap and good like Little Caesars Crazy Bread. For only $7, you can get a large one item pizza and an order of Crazy Bread with dipping sauce.

"The Hot n' Ready combo deal is genius," said BGSU student Kim Irvin. "I don't know how I would have survived of couple of nights. You can feed yourself for at least two days."

Broke, hungry or just looking for some Crazy Bread, Little Caesars will give you a quality product for a fair price. In these hard times, budgeting is important, but if you still want to eat good and have save money doing it, The Little Caesar’s is the joint for you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pizza in the News Roundup

There have been a couple silly news item this week revolving around pizza, so I figured it was a good opportunity for story time.

First up, we have a police officer from Gowanda, NY whose hunger nearly landed him in jail. According to, a broadcast channel out of Buffalo, the police officer accepted free pizza as payment for dropping a traffic ticket.
The former officer, Jason Miller, was charged with official misconduct and ended up with 3 years probation following a sentencing on Thurs., Oct. 14. WIVB states that "Miller has also admitted in the past to staging his own shooting by shooting himself in his bullet-proof vest."

In North Liberty, Iowa, an intoxicated man was arrested after assaulting a peace officer with a pizza box on Thurs., Oct. 14.
According to KCRG-TV9, Michael J. Koski, 40, threw a pizza box and glasses at a responding officer before attempting to make a run for it. Koski was taken down by a taser and handcuffed, but he still continued his assault by attempting to bite an officer's knee.
Koski faces charges of assault on peace officers, public intoxication and interference with official acts.

Bowling Green isn't without its own pizza related crime. According to a Bowling Green Police Divison report, a pizza delivery man was attempting to make two deliveries within the 900 block of Klotz Road. After receiving no answer at either residence, he returned to his vehicle to find three pizzas and a hot bag missing. One of the residents who allegedly ordered the pizza denied making the call. The other could not be reached.

I find all of these acts of pizza related crimes to be on the ridiculous side. First of all, if you are police officer and you take a bribe of free pizza, you are some kind of stupid. You aren't good at being a cop and worse, you aren't even good at being a crooked cop on top of that.

Second, why would anyone think a pizza box was a good weapon? Was it Mr. Koski's goal to knock the officer unconscious with a cardboard box? Did he think the 0.5 seconds it would take the officer to knock the box aside would give him time to run away? I am sort of surprised that the man didn't explode when he was tazed, because the amount of alcohol he had to being drinking sounds like it should made him combustible.

Finally, the Bowling Green Pizza Caper of September 2010 was clearly the work of a crack team of vault busters. I just picture the cast of Ocean's Eleven sitting in a bush, waiting for unsuspecting delivery driver to attempt his delivery. I actually hoped we would see more premeditated pizza burglaries following this one, but unfortunately the pizza bandits never went serial.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pizza on the Barbee

You may think you need an oven to make pizza, but that is not always the case. The BBQ Pit Boys, seeking the unique flavor of a brick oven pizza, found an alternative.

Now, I'm not sure if that is the guy's real voice or what, but man, it is like having a wild west sheriff get drunk and grill you up a pizza.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello friends!

Well. It has been a hectic first week so I am a bit late on the introduction, but I just wanted to welcome you all to our blog, Cheesy in BGeezy. Oddly enough, typing that name always take me two or three tries.

My name is Jason. Along with Jess, I will be participating in the pizza posting. I have had a long history with pizza, dating back as far as I can remember. As a child, growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, I can remember pizza being something we only got on a special occasion as my family did not have a significant amount of extra money.

When my family moved to Ohio in the late 90s, our financial status increased with new jobs and more opportunities, this also meant that there would be more pizza available.

The amount of pizza in my life may have increased since moving to Ohio, but I still feel a bit of excitement with every opened box. Luckily, an abundance of pizza establishments exist in Northwest Ohio.

Bowling Green is an interesting place for pizza because it comes in so many different varieties. Myles Pizza, which is borderline lasagna to me, is a very deep Chicago-esque pizza. Pisanellos and the Pollyeyes offer thinner (than Myles) pizza with two very different tastes. Beyond the home grown, BG also has many different franchises.

Hopefully by monitoring this blog, you will learn which places are worth your time and money. So stick around, put on a bib, and get ready to read all about Ohio's saucy delights.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Myle's pizza takes the pie in Bowling Green Ohio!

If you ever find yourself hungry in the Bowling Green area, get a piece of pie at Myle's pizza, located at 516 East Wooster Street. Known for their stacked toppings and delicious sauce, Myle's has been a BG hot spot since 1974. This is one pizza pit that will leave you begging for more...maybe.

"There pizza is ridiculously filling," said Josh Myers. "I ate one piece and I am already full. We got a large pepperoni and only three pieces are missing. I think I'm going to eat it cold for breakfast tomorrow."

Jason and I are awarding Myles's pizza and pub best pizza pig-out in Bowling Green. Not only is the pizza delicious, their toppings are cooked raw right on the pizza. If you find yourself craving a carnivorous feast, check out my personal favorite, the spicy Italian. Loaded high with sausage, pepperoni, ham and salami, the spicy Italian is a packed full of pepery, hardy goodness.

"I can honestly say, the spicy Italian literally makes me happy," said Nickole Bollini. "There is just something about the assortment flavors that is sooo pleasing. If you're a fan of spicy, meaty pizza, the spicy Italian is your best bet."

From salads to subs, Myle's does everything over the top. The local franchise is also known for having some killer tomato bread and garlic cheese bread. But remember, always get it open-faced.

"Open-faced means they cut it in half and throw two big hand fulls of cheese in the middle," said Torrie Kurt. "After they douse it in cheese, they bake it golden brown and serve it with warm marinara sauce. It's definitely a mandatory appetizer."

So there you have it folks: Myles's pizza in Bowling Green Ohio! Cheesy in BGeezy's number one best pizza parlor in town. But don't think we're done yet, there is plenty of other great pizza post just around the corner!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Pizza Lovers

Hello my fellow pizza lovers!! Welcome to our blog! My name is Jessica James, co-founder of Cheesy in BGeezy. Our blog will profile pizzerias in the Bowling Green and Northwest Ohio area. Along with my partner, fellow pizza lover, Jason Henry, we will post content about a variety of pizza topics. Let me start off by giving you my pizza credentials: From a young age, pizza was always my favorite food. All types too! I went beyond the norm. Let's just say I was putting Oreo's on my pizza before I knew who the Ninja Turtles were. So, I hope you enjoy our blog! Look for more post in the near future!