Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pisanello's Pizza offers best specialty pizza in Bowling Green

Pisanello's pizza offers great specialty pizza.
Located at 203 North Main Street, Pisanello's Pizza has been operating for more than 45 years. Their menu carries all the pizza/pub essentials; including wings, pasta, beer, breadsticks and gourmet speciality pizza's.

My personal favorite is their delicious spinach, alfredo and chicken pizza. This cheese and garlic blend of fresh greens and moist chicken is sure to satisfy any pizza lovers taste. The recipe was created by accident after owner, Jim Anderson, wanted to give Pisanello's an upper hand to the competition.

"I knew a lot of students really liked our actual fettucini alfredo pasta," Anderson said. "So I decided to make it a pizza and add spinach. Within a week, it was our most popular selling pizza."

In my opinion, Pisanello's has the best crust in town and has the best variety of pizza. According to their website, Pisanello's has been voted Bowling Green's best pizzeria since 1992. Other great specialty pizza's Pisanello's offers is the chicken, bacon and ranch.

"It's a nice combination of crispy bacon bits and homemade ranch sauce," Anderson said. "The only difference is, we season the chicken on the bacon and ranch pizza. We also add tomato, onion and a mix of mexican cheese. It's pretty well liked item."

If you're craving a psychedelic atmosphere and a variety of awesome dishes, try Pisanello's pizza and you will surely be amazed.

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