Monday, December 6, 2010

Myle's taco pizza should stay foreign

Myle's pizza is one of the most popular food establishments in Bowling Green. It currently leads our favorite pizza poll with nearly double the amount that the runner up has. It is a unique thick pizza which makes it stand out from other, flatter pizzas in the area.

In fact, I would say that Myle's pizza is my favorite. The pepperoni pizza just mixes perfectly with Myle's famous red sauce. Feeling bold a few nights ago, I decided to branch away from my regular pepperoni and go for southern (really southern) taste.

I am a fan of taco pizzas, they can be some of the most delicious meals if done right. Campus Pollyeyes, who usually is renowned for their breadsticks and not their pizza, has an awesome taco pizza. Myle's taco pizza, however, does even come close to being able to compete.

The ingredients on Myle's pizza are fine and dandy. As with most pizzas from the restaurant, it is a thick pizza. The cheese, lettuce, and meat are all great. The issue is the sauce.

Instead of something a little more Taco tasting, the pizza still has Myle's signature red sauce, a distinctly Italian tasting sauce. The red sauce just does not mix properly with the lettuce or ground beef. It comes off tasting like it never quite made it across the border to Mexico. In fact, the taste got so lost, it ended up on a completely different continent.

My suggestion for those looking for a Taco pizza? Walk the extra block past Myles' and go to Campus Pollyeyes. It'll treat you much better.

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