Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello friends!

Well. It has been a hectic first week so I am a bit late on the introduction, but I just wanted to welcome you all to our blog, Cheesy in BGeezy. Oddly enough, typing that name always take me two or three tries.

My name is Jason. Along with Jess, I will be participating in the pizza posting. I have had a long history with pizza, dating back as far as I can remember. As a child, growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, I can remember pizza being something we only got on a special occasion as my family did not have a significant amount of extra money.

When my family moved to Ohio in the late 90s, our financial status increased with new jobs and more opportunities, this also meant that there would be more pizza available.

The amount of pizza in my life may have increased since moving to Ohio, but I still feel a bit of excitement with every opened box. Luckily, an abundance of pizza establishments exist in Northwest Ohio.

Bowling Green is an interesting place for pizza because it comes in so many different varieties. Myles Pizza, which is borderline lasagna to me, is a very deep Chicago-esque pizza. Pisanellos and the Pollyeyes offer thinner (than Myles) pizza with two very different tastes. Beyond the home grown, BG also has many different franchises.

Hopefully by monitoring this blog, you will learn which places are worth your time and money. So stick around, put on a bib, and get ready to read all about Ohio's saucy delights.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Myle's pizza takes the pie in Bowling Green Ohio!

If you ever find yourself hungry in the Bowling Green area, get a piece of pie at Myle's pizza, located at 516 East Wooster Street. Known for their stacked toppings and delicious sauce, Myle's has been a BG hot spot since 1974. This is one pizza pit that will leave you begging for more...maybe.

"There pizza is ridiculously filling," said Josh Myers. "I ate one piece and I am already full. We got a large pepperoni and only three pieces are missing. I think I'm going to eat it cold for breakfast tomorrow."

Jason and I are awarding Myles's pizza and pub best pizza pig-out in Bowling Green. Not only is the pizza delicious, their toppings are cooked raw right on the pizza. If you find yourself craving a carnivorous feast, check out my personal favorite, the spicy Italian. Loaded high with sausage, pepperoni, ham and salami, the spicy Italian is a packed full of pepery, hardy goodness.

"I can honestly say, the spicy Italian literally makes me happy," said Nickole Bollini. "There is just something about the assortment flavors that is sooo pleasing. If you're a fan of spicy, meaty pizza, the spicy Italian is your best bet."

From salads to subs, Myle's does everything over the top. The local franchise is also known for having some killer tomato bread and garlic cheese bread. But remember, always get it open-faced.

"Open-faced means they cut it in half and throw two big hand fulls of cheese in the middle," said Torrie Kurt. "After they douse it in cheese, they bake it golden brown and serve it with warm marinara sauce. It's definitely a mandatory appetizer."

So there you have it folks: Myles's pizza in Bowling Green Ohio! Cheesy in BGeezy's number one best pizza parlor in town. But don't think we're done yet, there is plenty of other great pizza post just around the corner!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Pizza Lovers

Hello my fellow pizza lovers!! Welcome to our blog! My name is Jessica James, co-founder of Cheesy in BGeezy. Our blog will profile pizzerias in the Bowling Green and Northwest Ohio area. Along with my partner, fellow pizza lover, Jason Henry, we will post content about a variety of pizza topics. Let me start off by giving you my pizza credentials: From a young age, pizza was always my favorite food. All types too! I went beyond the norm. Let's just say I was putting Oreo's on my pizza before I knew who the Ninja Turtles were. So, I hope you enjoy our blog! Look for more post in the near future!